Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Solutions
Epoxy terrazzo floor grinding and polishing in Different Way
 Epoxy terrazzo floor grinding and polishing in Different way on site

Theme: Epoxy terrazzo floor grinding and polishing  
Time: 5-9th Step,2018
Location: Dongying, Shandong, China.
Floor: Epoxy terrazzo floor 
Floor Grinder Machine: Husqvarna PG820+ Husqvarna DC6000, Asl T7 Floor grinder
Diamond tools : Redi lock Metal bond  grinding  segment / 3 inch ceramic transition pads /4 inch epoxy terrazzo pads

RAIZI  Team just finished a project of epoxy terrazzo floor with Ceramic transition polishing pads. Professional polished concrete contractor employed finished the paving process of the epoxy terrazzo floor. 
Raizi Team did the grinding, pore filling, polishing and sealing process from the beginning to the end.

Now let us look at the whole process.

Step1 #30 GE-Red Series Metal bond diamond grinding segment to open epoxy terrazzo floor surface in dry conditions.

Step2  #50  Redi lock  two button segment dry grinding 

Step 3-5  #100 #200 #400 standard ceramic concrete diamond  polishing pads  for dry grinding 

It is mainly used for removing deep scratches by metal . lifetime and not very sharper than metal bond grit 100-400
 step 6#800  epoxy terrazzo floor wet polishing pads 

If you mirror finishing, please go ahead
step 7-8 #1500 -3000