Sharp Ceramic Pad

Sharp-Prem ceramic diamond polishing pad

Item No.: Sharp-Prem Ceramic
1. Grind hard concrete replacing a soft bond metals
2. Scratch Removal---No glazing, fade and random scratching.
3. Long life: 12,000-20,000 sq. ft
4. Reduce steps
5. Wet or Dry use
  • Diameter: 3 inch(75mm)
  • Grit No.: #30, #50, #100, #200, #400
  • Thickness: 6.0mm
  • Speed: 500-800rpm
  • Usage(Wet/Dry): Dry
  • Description

    Sharp-Prem Ceramic Pads  Premium Choice
    Sharp-Prem transition CERAMIC diamond polishing pad/disc is our newest tech innovation and designed to transition from a metal bond diamond grinding step to the resin bond diamond polishing step. SharpPrem diamond pads were originally designed for cutting a bad polish job off and leaving the floor without ugly scratches that ruined the original polishing project. They can eliminate the random scratches left by metal bond and can reduce several steps in the polishing process.
    Sharp-Prem Ceramic polishing Pads provides the purest blend of diamonds possible without worry of floor glaze up, gouges or bruises left by metal diamonds- Ultimately provides a smoother, more consistent scratch pattern.
    Sharp-Prem transition CERAMIC diamond polishing pad/discs are used on medium or large planetary and rotary floor grinder machines. They can also be used on small floor grinder or polisher machines (add weights if needed). 
    Works well on hard, medium concrete floor or cement/epoxy terrazzo floor. 

    Without burning marks
    Reduce diamond polishing steps
    Available grit: #
    Long life:1,200 -2,000 m2
    Application:  Hard, medium concrete. Epoxy Terrazzo, Cement Terrazzo
    Conditions: Dry or wet.